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If you want the best, here it is.  The Hookamax G2005C gas system has revolutionized the hookah/scuba diving industry.  Since our inception, Hookamax Dive Systems has focused on producing, safe, cost-effective, high quality hookah diving systems.  The Hookamax team focused strictly on stationary gas systems for many years, due to the unsafe track record of inner tube style floating units, like you see from the vast majority of our competitors.  The problem with many inner tube systems is that they are designed with a high center of gravity and a narrow platform (inner tube).  In wavy conditions, inner tube systems are prone to overturning, putting you, the diver, at great risk.

The Hookamax team introduced a new concept in hookah diving technology, a life raft style float.  An inner tube is designed to go into a tire, but a life raft, obviously was designed to ride waves and stay upright in wavy conditions.  With it's stable design and low center of gravity, the Hookamax G2005C floating system is the safest floating hookah diving system in the hookah diving industry.  The Hookamax G2005C floating hookah, tows effortless behind the diver/s and supplies a great deal of storage room in its platform, for collections from the deep or, additional supplies.  Remember, its your life, so choose a safe design with a proven track record!

The Hookamax G2005C gasoline powered hookah diving systems is designed for both, on board stationary mounting, or use with the included float.  Many other hookah dive rigs on the market today, only operate as either a floating, or stationary system, but not the Hookamax G2005C.  The Hookamax G2005C is designed specifically for use as a stationary, or floating system.  It takes less than five minutes to convert the Hookamax G2005C from a stationary hookah, to a floating hookah, or visa versa. 

Why does the Hookamax have tanks, while many other brands don't?  Most units on the market run full time, bleeding off excess air with a bleeder valve.  This happens because their compressors generally, under most situations, produce more air than is needed, with no way of regulating it, stockpiling it, or cycling the compressor on and off.  This is highly inefficient and causes additional wear to the compressor.  The Hookamax team took a different approach in developing the G2005C.  The Hookamax G2005C's twin reserve tanks regulate the compressor, cycling the units Honda GC160 5 hp engine on and off, while maintaining the required operating pressure to supply up to three divers at a time.  The Hookamax G2005C has an exclusive air-throttle design, which drops the unit to an effortless idle, when max pressure is reached and then powers up the units power plant when minimum pressure is reached. 

What does the air throttle do for you?  The Hookamax G2005C's air-throttle makes it the most gasoline efficient system on the market, due to the fact that it is at idle over half of the time (depending on number of divers, depth, etc).  The Hookamax G2005C's exclusive air throttle also extends the life of the compressor, due to the fact that it is not running all out, all of the time.  No other hookah dive system manufacturer currently offers an air throttle.        

The Hookamax G2005C's powerplant is a highly efficient and dependable Honda GC160 5 hp gas motor, mated to a high capacity Sanborn oilless pump.  The Hookamax G2005C is mounted to twin two gallon reserve tanks, creating a stable platform.  The Hookamax G2005C produces massive 6 cfm at 65 psi and 5 cfm at 90 psi.  The Hookamax G2005C features an exclusive folding design air intake mast.  The units air intake is mounted four feet above the systems exhaust, to assure clean,  non toxic breathable air.  The Hookamax G2005 gas hookah filters air twice, once at the intake and at every dive hose via, 5 micron in-line cleanable air filters.  The Hookamax G2005's double filtration ensures you are breathing the cleanest air possible.   

The Hookamax G2005C is a complete gasoline powered hookah diving system and comes with everything you need to hit the water, minus the gasoline.                     

The Hookamax G2005C includes:          

One 5hp Honda GC160 gas engine, one high capacity Sanborn oil-less compressor, two breathable air dive hoses, two weight belt/dive harnesses with snaps, one three way 3 diver hose connection, two Custom Hookamax 125 psi hookah regulators, one Hookamax air intake staff and dive flag, one Hookamax float, float tow harness, two in-line 5 micron air filters, one breathable air intake filter.                        

***Factory Direct Pricing***       

Hookamax G2005C 1X100 (single diver) complete kit    $1750.00 + shipping

Hookamax G2005C 2X100 (2 diver) complete kit          $1995.00 + shipping

Full Face Mask Option (installed)               additional  $150.00 per dive hose

Add a third dive hose (add-a-diver kit)                      $ 395.00 (100 ft kit)

In addition to our revolutionary design and quality, Hookamax Dive Systems also offers the best pricing of any reputable manufacturer in the hookah diving industry.            ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Horse Power:                          5 hp Honda

CFM:                                    5 CFM at operational pressure

Depth Rating:                         1 diver to 90 ft, 2 divers to 60 ft, 3 divers to 33 ft

Warranty:                         1 year complete factory warranty (contact us for details)


Custom options:

Hookamax Dive Systems also offer custom hose length options up to 200 feet in length per dive hose.  We can also configure your hose as a y hose with stainless steel quick disconnects.  Call for custom option pricing.   Offered as a custom option is the Hookamax BC connection port.  Add $50.00 per hose for this option.                                    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ordering information:

Hookamax Dive Systems accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and PayPal transactions.  Your may click on our online store at www.hookamaxdiving.com to order online, or place your order over the phone by dialing (269) 273-4230.  Our office hour are 9am-4pm eastern standard time.  Your may also email any questions to hookamax@frontier.com                                                                                ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Shipping information:

Hookamax Dive Systems ships to you factory direct, same or next day (depending on the time of the order) Monday thru Friday, via: UPS, Fedex, or USPS.