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To met the needs of customers who need a unit that is built for extended usage, Hookamax Dive Systems has developed two heavy duty grade electric hookah diving systems, designed to take the constant everyday usage needed by the hardcore recreational diver.

The Hookamax E2008C  heavy duty electric hookah diving systems provide industry leading quality and output.  Both heavy duty hookah diving systems include twin reserve tanks, which allow the hookah's compressor to cycle on and off, maintaining optimal dive pressure, while allowing the compressors motor to rest.                                            

*pictured the E2008C- 2X100 Heavy Duty Unit*

Hookamax Dive Systems specifically designed the E2008C heavy duty hookah diving system for hard working recreational divers, who do not need the deep depth rating, provided by the E2009C-A heavy duty diving hookah.  Hookamax's E2008C heavy duty hookah is powered by a 110v A/C, 1 HP drive motor, which powers the systems oil-less heavy duty series air pump.  The Hookamax E2008C depth rating is one diver to 30 feet and two divers to 20 ft..The system comes standard with one dive hose, however, one additional dive hose can be added to the compressor at any time in the future.                                                           

*pictured the E2008C 1X100 Heavy Duty Unit*

Every heavy duty series Hookamax is supplied with our in-line 5 micron air filter, to insure clean breathable air for the diver,  who relies on it on a daily basis.

Both Hookamax heavy duty commercial-grade hookah diving systems come standard with high quality Hookamax 2nd stage dive regulators.



Factory Direct Pricing and Ordering Information...................................................

     Hookamax's E2008C 1X100                ***Standard features and equipment***              

One breathable air oilless 1 hp hookah diving compressor with twin tanks, one 100ft breathable air dive hose, one Hookamax 65 psi hookah diving regulator, one weight belt/dive harness with snaps, one BCD inflation hose connection and one 5 micron in-line air filter.

**Factory Direct Pricing**                        $899.00 + shipping                                    

*Depth Rating (1 diver 30ft)

Power Requirements: Both Hookamax heavy duty electric hookah systems simply plug into any standard 110/120 volt, three prong electrical outlet.  Both Hookamax heavy duty hookah's will work via; inverter, generator (generator min specifications are listed below), or 110/120 volt converter if the systems are to be used in areas of the world were the standard power is not 110/120 volts.

*Required generator if needed The E2008C heavy duty system requires a 2500 watt generator.

Warranty...............1 Year Complete (Contact us for further details)


Add-A-Divers kits include; one Hookamax breathable air diving hose (50 or 100ft in length, one Hookamax diving regulator (in 65 psi, 100 psi, or 125 psi, depending on the system), 1 in-line air filter, 1 weight belt/dive harness with snaps and one  connection. 

  Kit with 100 ft long hose= $395.00

Kit with 50 ft  long hose=    $345.00


Full face Mask option:                                 For divers in cold water environments, or polluted waters, Hookamax Dive Systems offers full face Cressi masks, installed directly into your Hookamax Dive System's hose, or Add-A-Diver kit's hose.                            

Hookamax's full face mask option is available installed for $150 per dive mask.




Minimum generator wattage required:  2500 Watts

Operating Amperage:                              8.5   

Warranty...................1 Year

  See the above listed Add-A-Diver kit options for information and pricing.

See the above listed information regarding the full face mask option.                      _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

To order these, or any Hookamax products, visit our online store at www.hookamaxdiving.com, or contact us by telephone at 269-273-4230. 

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