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110V electric Hookamax


  •  Hookamax 110-volt hookah diving systems are battery (DC) powered and are ideal for cruising, recreational usage, boat cleaning, commercial usage and much more! 


Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask w Coms

  •  Dive in comfort and dive safe with Ocean Reefs Neptune Space G Full Face Mask w Coms at an unbeatable prices.


Gas/Petrol Hookamax

  •   Hookamax G2005c Gas/Petrol hookah diving systems are extremely durable, high powered and affordable!   

Why choose Hookamax


A message from our founder


  • Hookamax Dive Systems opened in the late 90's as the first factory direct alternative to expensive dealer marketed hookah diving manufacturers that require high dealer markups. For 20 years Hookamax Dive Systems been a proven leader in the surface air/ hookah diving industry...

The trusted name in hookah diving

Say goodbye to scuba tanks! Save Money


 The Hookamax group's mission is to provide hookah divers with a safe, fun  and user friendly surface supplied air system that can handle all of your diving needs. Stop spending time and money on getting your dive tanks serviced and filled all the time, dive cost effective. Whether its your first time diving or your a master diver, you'll love a Hookamax

A proven leader in the Industry


The Hookamax name means something in the hookah diving industry. For two decades we have worked to build our brand and our name as being the best. Everyday we strive to develop and provide a safe and reliable hookah diving system for divers

World Class Customer Service


The Hookamax Dive Systems, loves their customers and has been happy to take care of them for the past 20 years. Our customer service representatives are available 9am-5pm to assist you with all your diving needs. We supply customers around the world with outstanding hookah diving systems at factory direct prices and will do anything to make our customers happy.

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