Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surface supplied air?

Air from a low-pressure compressor at the surface pumps air through a hose and demand second stage regulator system directly to the divers below. Virtually no gear is worn and the divers have a lifeline to the surface with the hose system and a belt that secures the hose and regulator to the body.

What depths can I take my Hookamax?

The G2005c (Gas) model will support one to a depth of 90 feet,  two to a depth of 60ft feet, three to 30 feet, or four to 20ft feet. The E2005c (12v DC ) and the E2008c (110v electric) models will support two divers to 30 feet, or one to 60 feet. The systems are primarily designed for second atmosphere, recreational diving. (Be wary of claims. In our opinion, some manufacturers may exaggerate depth ratings for the air output of their systems. The Hookamax chooses to be conservative, basing our depth ratings on people with average diving experience and in average physical condition. The depth capability of a compressor system will be determined by the air output of the compressor. 

What lengths can I get the dive hose’s in?

All Hookamax models can be equipped with either 50ft hoses or 100ft  hoses. We have found these to be the optimal lengths for common hookah diving applications. Hose extensions are available for lengthening hoses if desired at anytime by purchasing an add a diver kit. So if you buy a 50ft hose and a few months later decide you want longer hoses instead give us a call to get your kit!

Won't a salty environment cause the equipment to rust? 

Salty environment would cause rust without a few simple care procedures.  When new, thoroughly coat with a marine protectant, such as mineral oils. After the dive day, a fresh water bath will rinse away accumulated salt, followed by a light touch-up of the protectant. Repeat process for each dive to keep your hookah diving unit looking brand new.

Are compressors oil lubricated?

No. A Teflon cup on an aluminum piston pulsates inside the aluminum cylinder sleeve precluding the need for even rings and seals. Bearings are sealed and grease cannot enter the breathing system.

What happens if my unit runs out of gas while i’m diving?

You are encouraged to come up and also to always have a topside person for safety. You will be aware when the engine stops as each succeeding breath will require slightly more effort. The air in the hoses is under pressure and supplies a small reservoir of air. As you may know, the air in the hoses will naturally increase in volume (i.e., expand) as you rise, so there will be a few more breaths in the hoses. However, we recommend that the divers carry an independent, back-up air supply (such as a Spare Air) whether diving on surface supplied air or scuba tanks. Spare air is available for purchase with every unit.

What type of battery do I need to buy for the 12v DC powered hookah diving units?

We recommend that all divers using our 12v DC hookah dive system use a marine battery (Group 27-31) the bigger the battery the longer the dive time.


How long can I dive with my 12v DC unit off a marine battery?

This all depends on the battery size and the types of divers in the water. You will get at least 2-4  hours of dive time.

What keeps exhaust fumes out of the breathing air on the Honda gas powered systems

A vertical snorkel has an air intake filter that draws air high above the compressor. Exhaust is shot away horizontally on the opposite side. The way the unit floats, the exhaust will always seek the down wind position. This unit produces fresh class D air and produces 4cfms of air at operating pressure. 

How much oil do I put in my gas unit?

Half a quart of oil

Will I need to buy dive weights?

Yes, because of increase shipping cost hookamax does not provide dive weights with the dive units. We however provide the weight belt for them. 

Underwater freedom

We have been providing users all over the world for the past 2 decades the opportunity to be underwater naturally by giving them the freedoms of snorkeling and the depths of scuba diving. Explore the benefits of hookah diving and say goodbye to those scuba tanks.